Forks WA Attractions

Forks WA Attractions: Unforgettable things to do on a Port Angeles vacation that includes Forks, WA, plus nearby activities within the Olympic National Park.

Forks is about one hour's drive west of Port Angeles. It's easy to find - the town straddles Highway 101.

Please let me warn you: Doing justice to enjoying all the attractions of the "west-end" of the Olympic Peninsula (west of Port Angeles, WA), depending on your own personal interests, is likely to take more than a couple days.

There are an astonishing number of attractions near Forks, given that this is a tiny town lost in the heart of a temperate rain forest. And perhaps that is why: Many of the Forks attractions and activities are in some way related to the beauty and grandeur of the nearby rain forest.

Hiking, kayaking, rafting, and cycling are all options for active individuals and families. And there is hardly a place to go or see that isn’t embraced in verdant green.

Additionally, the Twilight Saga (by Stephenie Meyer) placed Forks on the map around a decade ago. We recommend the books, as well as a visit to many of the Forks WA attractions referenced in the Twilight books.

Downtown Forks WA Attractions

Forks Chamber of Commerce

Forks WA Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information CenterForks WA Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center

Forks WA Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center
1411 S Forks Avenue, Forks, WA 98331

Forks Chamber of Commerce Website

TripAdvisor Reviews of the Forks Chamber of Commerce

It’s not like the Forks Chamber of Commerce is an “attraction,” per se, but maybe it is! The good folks there are a wealth of information about Forks, its history, and the surrounding rain forest and other activities available to the visitor. They also offer information on Forks Twilight tours and provide Twilight souvenirs for sale should you be a "Twi-fan."

Forks Timber Museum

Forks Timber Museum in Forks, WAForks Timber Museum

Forks Timber Museum
1421 S. Forks Avenue, Forks, WA 98331

Forks Timber Museum Website

Tripadvisor Reviews of the Forks Timber Museum in Forks WA

It is fitting that a timber museum is housed in an old log house. Get a fascinating peak into the history of both Forks and the local timber industry. Hopefully the $3.00 admission fee won't break the bank.

Forks Lumber Mill Tour

Forks Lumber Mill Tour
1411 S Forks Avenue, Forks, WA 98331

Tripadvisor Reviews of Forks Lumber Mill Tour in Forks WA

The Forks Chamber of Commerce manages tours of an operating saw mill in Forks. Admission is by donation. You'll be taken by van to the various sites of the tour. Allow several hours, or a half-day depending on how closely you like to manage your time. Very interesting and you’ll learn a lot about logging, milling, and sustainable forest management in Washington State.

Twilight Tours by Team Forks

Team Forks leads Twilight tours in Forks and La Push WATeam Forks leads Twilight tours in Forks and La Push WA

Team Forks Twilight Tours
130 S Spartan Avenue, Forks, WA 98331

Tripadvisor Reviews of Twilight Tours by Team Forks in Forks WA

Received 2013 Certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor

Twi-fans will enjoy the full tour of all the Twilight locations in and around Forks, including an evening hot dog roast on the beach. Or if your time is limited, take the 2-3 hour local tour.

Nearby Forks WA Attractions

La Push WA: Quileute Indian Reservation and First Beach

The Quileute Marina in La Push, with many sea stacks in the backgroundThe Quileute Marina in La Push, with many La Push sea stacks in the background

La Push is located at the end of La Push Road (Hwy 110), which is also about one hour west of Port Angeles. It is an incredibly scenic area.

Tripadvisor Reviews of Quileute Indian Reservation in Forks WA

La Push and its beaches are not in Forks proper; they are approximately a 10 mile drive to the coast along Hwy 110.

First Beach is on the Quileute Reservation adjacent to the Quileute Oceanside Resort. No hiking is required; park the vehicle and walk the stone's throw to the waves. 

Rialto Beach, Second Beach, and Third Beach are all nearby, but within the borders of the Olympic National Park.

First Beach in La Push WA on the Quileute Indian ReservationFirst Beach in La Push WA on the Quileute Indian Reservation

Olympic National Park Beaches Near La Push WA

Hole in the Wall - Rialto Beach, Olympic National ParkHole in the Wall, Rialto Beach

Within a few miles of La Push WA are 3 very cool beaches within the Olympic National Park:

Rialto Beach, Second Beach, and Third Beach.  All of these beaches are beautiful sandy crescent beaches, with sea stacks creating a rugged coastline.

See Olympic National Park Beaches for details on all of the beaches within the Olympic National Park.

Neah Bay, WA

Neah Bay WA marina and villageNeah Bay WA: Makah Reservation Village and marina

Take Hwy 112 to as far west as it will take you - to Neah Bay, WA.

  • Neah Bay is about 1 hour 10 minutes from Forks, WA by car
  • Neah Bay is about 1 hour 45 minutes west of Port Angeles by car

Tripadvisor Reviews of the Makah Indian Reservation in Neah Bay, WA

Neah Bay, and especially Cape Flattery, is very scenic. The town is a working Makah Indian Reservation village supported by fishing, timber, and some tourism. Makah is pronounced Mah-KAW.

There are several very decent restaurants. But its main claim to fame is the Makah Indian Museum (below) and the Cape Flattery Trail, which takes you to the westernmost tip of the USA and a lovely view of Tatoosh Island.

Makah Cultural and Research Center

Statues greet you as you enter the Makah Cultural and Research Center in Neah Bay, WAStatues greet you as you enter the Makah Cultural and Research Center in Neah Bay, WA.

Makah Indian Museum
1880 Bayview Avenue, Neah Bay, WA 98357

Makah Museum Website

TripAdvisor Reviews of the Makah Cultural and Research Center in Neah Bay WA

A “world-class museum in a remote location” is the opinion of one reviewer. It is fascinating to learn of the history of the "Cape People." The museum houses and interprets hundreds of artifacts from the Ozette archeological site - the location of a landslide that buried an entire village which was recently rediscovered.

Find more TripAdvisor reviews of the Makah Indian Museum here.

Cape Flattery Trail

A view of the Pacific Ocean towards the west at the end of Cape Flattery Trail on the Olympic Peninsula, WAEnd of the Cape Flattery Trail: A view of the Pacific Ocean towards the west.

Getting there: Trailhead is on Cape Loop Road. From Bayview Avenue (Hwy 112) in Neah Bay, turn left on Fort Street. Go 3 blocks to 3rd Avenue and turn right. Go 1 block and turn left on Cape Flattery Road. Cape Flattery Road turns into Cape Loop Road. Keep going for several miles on Cape Loop. Follow the signs to the Cape Flattery Trail. 

Tripadvisor Reviews of Cape Flattery Trail in Neah Bay WA

From the trailhead to the tip of Cape Flattery is a 20 - 30 minute, 0.5 mile hike one way, through typical Washington temperate rain forest. Once at the end of the trail, you find several vantage points toward the southwest, west, and northwest. Tatoosh Island and its lighthouse are clearly visible, along with seals, otters, puffins, a cloud of seabirds, and maybe, just maybe, some orcas or humpback whales cruising through the Strait.

All I can say, so magical.

Bogachiel State Park

Bogachiel State Park on the Olympic Peninsula in WA - the site and picnic table pictured is in the Day Use areaBogachiel State Park - the site and picnic table pictured is in the Day Use area

185983 Hwy 101, Forks, WA 98331

Bogachiel State Park Website

Tripadvisor Reviews of Bogachiel State Park near Forks WA

The Bogachiel State Park is located 10 miles south of Forks on Highway 101. It certainly has a rainforest vibe, and is lovely for stretching the legs and day-use picknicking during a long road trip. Its campsites are ideal for tenting and small RV’s. You’ll need a Discover Pass for day use, a fee that is incorporated into the camping fees should you choose to spend the night.

If you’re looking for genuine rainforest, however, do make the drive to the Hoh Ranger Station, which will give it to you in spades.

Forks WA Attractions in the Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge in May in the Olympic National Park. Some years are more snowy than others.Hurricane Ridge in May. Some years are more snowy than others.

A trip to the Olympic Peninsula, especially to the west end and Forks, would not be complete without a visit to the Olympic National Park.

It takes days to do justice to a visit to the enormous Olympic National Park; but if you've made it to Forks, at least spare a day or two for this amazing national park.

The Forks WA attractions within the Olympic National Park can be grouped into 5 groups:

  1. Olympic National Park beaches near La Push. These have already been mentioned.

  2. Olympic National Park Beaches near Kalaloch Lodge. These beaches, including Ruby Beach, are about 50 minutes south of Forks and 1 hour 50 minutes south of Port Angeles.

  3. Hoh Rainforest to the south of Forks. The Hoh Rainforest is 50 minutes south of Forks, and 2 hours southwest of Port Angeles)

  4. Forks WA attractions in the Sol Duc Valley: Salmon Cascades, Ancient Groves Trail, Sol Duc Hot Springs (commercialized with lodge and pools), and the Sol Duc Waterfall and Trail. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is 52 minutes east of Forks, and 1 hour west of Port Angeles.

  5. Forks WA attractions near Lake Crescent Lodge: Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls, Storm King Mountain Trail hike, Barnes Creek Trail hike. Lake Crescent Lodge is 44 minutes from Forks, and 30 min from Port Angeles.

  6. Hurricane Ridge, the single most popular attraction within the Olympic National Park. The ONP Visitor Center at Hurricane Ridge is 36 minutes from downtown Port Angeles, and 1 hour 38 minutes east of Forks, still close enough to rank as a Forks WA attraction.

See Olympic National Park Vacation for additional details.

Main Forks WA Attractions according to TripAdvisor

We highly recommend each of these Forks WA attractions!

Cities Near Forks

Port Angeles is 53.6 miles (86.26 km) east of Forks, WA, a drive of approx. 1.1 hours. But, if Port Angeles is not your starting point, then:

  • Sequim is 73 miles (117.5 km) east of Forks WA (approx. 1.5 hours by car)
  • Port Townsend is 103 miles (167.76 km) east of Forks, WA (approx. 2.2 hours by car)
  • Aberdeen is 107 miles (172.2 km) south of Forks, WA (approx. 2 hours by car)
  • Seattle is 138 miles (222.1 km) via the Bainbridge ferry, which takes approx. 3.7 hours by car if the wait times are reasonable. Or: 211 miles (339.57 km) via Olympia, Hwy 12, and Hwy 101 (no ferries). This drive will take approximately 4.1 hours by car.

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