Port Angeles WA Photos

Port Angeles WA Photos: Take a peak into the streets, corners, and above ground crannies of Port Angeles, the crown of the Olympic Peninsula.

Port Angeles WA

The history of the town of Port Angeles dates all the way back to the late 1880s. As you visit and walk the downtown streets, remnants of the past can be seen in the architecture of the buildings. 

But more than that, some of the buildings in Port Angeles serve as canvases for beautiful murals not typically seen outside of Europe. 

Additionally other art modalities are well-represented along the streets of Port Angeles, and we've dedicated the page, Port Angeles Street Art, to the sculptures, murals, and other art installations along the streets and sidewalks of downtown Port Angeles. Walking the downtown streets and finding and viewing them for yourself is a delightful goal for a morning or afternoon outing in Port Angeles.

Enjoy our collection of Port Angeles WA photos! 

Port Angeles WA Photos: Waterfront

Port Angeles WA Photos: Streets of Port Angeles

Located downtown at Lincoln and Front near the Gateway Clallam Transit Center is the Gateway Pavilion. Events occur here in the open air, such as Christmas events and the bi-weekly Port Angeles Farmers Market. The architecture is beautiful, and the back wall features a large mural depicting members of the local Klallam people.

Port Angeles Might Have a 'Thing' About Towers!

Below left: Shades of Big Ben in London? The Gateway clock tower complements the Gateway Center at the corner of Front and Lincoln - you can't miss it. 

Below right: The Port Angeles Observation Tower is situated at the end of the Port Angeles Pier. You can't miss this one either. Climb the 4 flights to the very top to enjoy spectacular views of Port Angeles, the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca all the way to Victoria BC, and even Mount Baker to the northeast (near Bellingham WA) on a clear day.

Railroad Avenue near the Waterfront

Front Street

First Street

The Dyar Fountain is located at North Laurel Street and West First Street and is surrounded by a small plaza and two recently painted murals.

Behind one beautiful mural and the fountain is the staircase the mounts the bluff and provides foot access to  South Laurel Street and Second Street.

Downtown Port Angeles

Port Angeles WA Photos of Street Art

The streets of downtown Port Angeles are liberally graced with amazing art works, including murals and sculptures that capture the imagination or provide a reminder of the history of Port Angeles.

Nearly all of these works of art can be found along the few downtown blocks between Lincoln Street to the east and Valley Street to the west, between Railroad Ave on the water's edge and First Street toward the mountains.

See Port Angeles Street Art photos here (link coming soon).

Port Angeles WA Photos at Night

Port Angeles in Winter

Here is proof positive that it does snow in Port Angeles in wintertime. It might snow as early as the first week in November, or we might not get more than a single dusting for the entire year. 

The following photos were taken in mid-January, 2020. At the time, Port Angeles had received approximately 4 inches of snow. The very next day after this photographic foray, Port Angeles awakened to a major, once-in-100-years, 24-inch dump of snow. 

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Click here to visit the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce

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