Amanda Park Washington

Amanda Park Washington: Get fuel, food, and lodging as needed while visiting the Quinault Rain Forest, or journeying along Hwy 101 in the south of the Olympic Peninsula.

On the west side of the Olympic Peninsula, Highway 101 cuts right through the middle of Amanda Park. Anyone traveling the west side of the Olympic Peninsula from north to south or vice versa is bound to go through Amanda Park, WA. The road even widens for 625 feet to allow for a turn lane. 

Amanda Park, the town, is not a destination in itself. But, it is located within huge tracts of temperate rain forest, including the Queets and Quinault rain forests in the Olympic National Park. Washington's temperate rain forests ARE a huge draw for millions of tourist visits per year, and that is what adds significance to the location of this small village. It is well placed to help provide for some of your needs while you travel through or visit this area of the southwestern Olympic Peninsula.

Whether coming or going, and since you'll be passing through anyway, just know that Amanda Park WA caters to the needs of vacationers. 

  • Have questions? The Information Center can help.
  • Need gas? No problem - there's a gas station across the street from the above photo.
  • Need food? Two restaurants and a mercantile are standing by to feed you.
  • Need some shut-eye? Quinault River Inn accommodates your RV or provides a lovely room with a glorious view.

Where is Amanda Park WA

Amanda Park Washington

Amanda Park is 
121 miles (195 km) southeast of Port Angeles WA. The drive will take about two and a half hours.

If Port Angeles WA is not your starting point, then:

  • Sequim WA is 137 miles (220.5 km), or 2 hours and 53 min to the northeast. 
  • Port Townsend WA is 151 miles (243 km), or 3 hours 20 min to the northeast.
  • Forks WA is 64.3 miles (103.5 km), or 1 hour and 18 min northwest.
  • Aberdeen WA is 43.0 miles (69.2 km), or 55 min to the south of Amanda Park WA. 
  • Westport WA is 63.8 miles (102.67 km), 0r 1 hour 20 min to the southwest. 
  • Olympia WA is 87.3 miles (140.5 km), or 1 hour 40 min southeast.
  • Seattle WA is 147 miles (236.58 km), or 2 hours 40 min east.
  • Tacoma WA is 117 miles (188.3 km), or 2 hours 10 min southeast. 

Amanda Park WA Info and Services

  • Location: Amanda Park is a part of and located in the Quinault Indian NationAmanda Park hugs the shore of Lake Quinault where it drains into the Quinault River. See the Google map above. Lake Quinault is 219 feet above sea level, and is just a few miles from the Quinault Rain Forest area of Olympic National Park.
  • Amanda Park Zip Code: 98526
  • Amanda Park Post Office: 6094 US-101 Ste C, Amanda Park, WA 98526
    Phone: +1-800-275-8777
    Hours: Weekdays: 9 am - 12:30 pm, and 1 - 3:30 pm

Amanda Park Weather

Amanda Park is located in a temperate rainforest biome. The weather in Amanda Park is understandably and frequently rainy, If you live in the area, I don't need to explain this to you.

Folks passing through, however, are likely to visit during the months of July and August. You will be happy to learn that these two months receive the least rain of the year: less than 2.25 inches (5.6 cm) per month, which is how it is possible to get the gorgeously cloudless weather pictured in some of the photos on this page.

The bookend months of June and September typically experience about 4 inches (10.2 cm) of precipitation per each of these months. All other months are quite wet. The rainiest month is usually November, during which more than 18 inches (47 cm) might fall in a single month. 


Things to Do in the Great Outdoors
Near Amanda Park Washington

The prime attractions in the area of Amanda Park WA involve the temperate rain forests! This town on the shore of Lake Quinault is within a few miles of dozens of hiking trails, towering stands of giant trees, significant populations of black bears and Roosevelt Elk, and much more.

An arm of the Olympic National Park protects the north shore of Lake Quinault, while a huge tract of the Olympic National Forest envelopes Lake Quinault's south shore.

The Circle Drive (N Shore to S Shore which together circle all of Lake Quinault) takes you past the ranger stations for both the Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest. Hiking trails to historical homes, buildings and giant trees have trailheads on both the north and south sides of Lake Quinault. 

The area is an excellent base for longer, hard core hikes, as there are trailheads for several in the area. 

Take a look at our Quinault Rain Forest page for much more info and the specifics. (Link coming soon.)

Additionally, the Quinault Indian Nation allows guided fishing and guided bear hunts on the reservation. Check the Quinault tribal website for all the details.

Amanda Park Restaurants

Quinault Internet Cafe

Quinault Internet Café Info

Located at: 6094 US-101, Amanda Park, WA 98526.
Phone: +1-360-288-0571.
Covid-19 Status: Open 
Hours: Sun-Sat: 7:30am-3:30pm.
TripAdvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Quinualt Internet Cafe in Amanda Park, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Quinault Internet Cafe in Amanda Park, WA

This place serves a great breakfast. While we were there, the proprietors were very kind, answering our questions, providing brochures, and ensuring our satisfaction. 

Dino's Pizza and Grill

Info about Dino's Pizza and Grill

Located at: 8 River Dr, Amanda Park, WA 98526.
Phone: +1-360-288-0555. 
Hours: Mon-Sun: 12-9pm.
Facebook: Facebook page for Dino's Pizza and Grill.
Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Dino's Pizza and Grill in Amanda Park, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Dino's Pizza and Grill in Amanda Park, WA

Amanda Park Lodging

Quinault River Inn

Quinault River Inn Info

Located at: 8 River Dr, Amanda Park, WA 98526
Phone: +1-360-288-2237
Covid-19 Status: Open
Facebook: Facebook page for Quinault River Inn
TripAdvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Quinault River Inn in Amanda Park, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Quinault River Inn in Amanda Park, WA

A peak at Quinault River Inn: Quinault River Inn, which sits within walking distance of the Quinault River, is just a short drive from Lake Quinault as well. The rustic atmosphere of Quinault River Inn is complimented by majestic surroundings including what seems like endless rainforest and other wonders of the natural world, as well as by proximity to the Olympic National Park. 

Guest ratings on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Facebook, and Google include 4.5, 4.7, and 5 stars.

Lodging near Amanda Park WA

In addition to the Quinault River Inn, you'll find lots of lodging opportunities and RV campgrounds on both the north and south shores of Lake Quinault. See our Lake Quinault page for all the details. (Link coming soon.) 

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