Olympic National Park Camping

Olympic National Park Camping: Details on the 14 campgrounds (and a couple day-use-only areas) in the Olympic National Park, and links to additional status, access, and updates on campground and road conditions.

Whether you're looking for crashing waves on sandy beaches, the quiet enclosure of a dense forest, or 360 degree mountain top vistas, the Olympic National Park has a campground for you

Listed below you'll find the Olympic National Park's 14 campgrounds, presented by regions.

Usage fees range from $10 - $12 per day.

All campgrounds are first-come-first-served, except the Sol Duc and Kalaloch Campgrounds, for which reservations may be made for dates in June - September (but not more than 6 months in advance).

Additional links to road conditions, and campground status can be found below.

More campgrounds on the Olympic Peninsula. These are outside the boundaries of the Olympic National Park, but their locations and ambience may work well for you.

Olympic National Park Camping:

Altair - South of Port Angeles, WA

  • Altair Campground is now listed as permanently closed. Recent removals of the Glines and Elwha Dams left a wide flat valley floor and an unstable course for the Elwha River. It is unknown whether camping will once again reopen once the Elwha carves out a more permanent river channel through the available space.

Deer Park - Southeast of Port Angeles, WA

  • Nearest city: Port Angeles: 22 miles (35.4 km), approx. 46 minutes away
  • Top of the mountain tree line with sub-alpine firs
  • Primitive; summer only
  • Tents only, access not suitable for RVs/trailers
  • No water; vault toilets
  • Deer Park Area Brochure

Elwha - South of Port Angeles, WA

  • Nearest city: Port Angeles: 12 miles (19.3 km), approx. 24 minutes away
  • The Elwha Campground is listed as permanently closed due to the changing course of the Elwha River and ensuing flood damage. (I suspect that once the Elwha River settles down into a steady course, the Park will find a way to reopen both the road into the Elwha Valley and the campground.)
  • Elwha Area Brochure

Fairholme - Near Lake Crescent, west of Port Angeles, WA

Heart  O' the Hills - South of Port Angeles, WA

  • Nearest city: Port Angeles: 7.1 miles (11.43 km), approx. 13 minutes away
  • Forested
  • Year round; walk-in if snowed in
  • Potable water; toilets
  • Tents; RVs/trailers max 21', some site up to 35'; no dump station
  • Heart O' the Hills Brochure

Sol Duc - West of Port Angeles, WA

Olympic National Park Camping:

Ozette - Along Lake Ozette, sandy beaches, partially forested trails

  • Distance from Port Angeles: 75 miles (121 km), a 1.9 hour drive
  • Nearest city: Forks, 32 miles (51.5 km), a 1 hour 15 min drive
  • Nearby attractions: Ozette Beach, Ozette Triangle Trail, Cape Flattery
  • Year round, restrooms nearby
  • Tents; RV - max 21', no dump station
  • Boating, picnicking
  • Ranger Station in summer only
  • Lake Ozette Area Brochure

Mora - Along Quillayute River, near the coast, forested

  • Nearest city: Forks, 13 miles (21 km); approx. 18 minute drive
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 66.2 miles (106.5 km), 1 hour 23 minute drive
  • Some nearby attractions: Rialto Beach, La Push WA, Forks attractions
  • Year round, restrooms nearby
  • Tents; RV: generally up to 21', few sites up to 35', has dump station
  • Boating
  • Ranger Station in summer only
  • Mora Area Brochure

Kalaloch - Along the Pacific coast directly off Highway 101

  • Nearest city: Forks (35 miles; approx. 40 minutes)
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 90.7 miles (146 km), 1 hour 52 minute drive
  • Some nearby attractions: "Tree of life" near this campground, Ruby Beach, Forks attractions, Queets Rain Forest, Lake Quinault Rain Forest
  • Year round, restrooms nearby
  • Tents; RV: generally up to 21', some sites up to 35', has dump station
  • Online reservations for dates between mid-June and mid-September; off-season is first come first served. Check Availability here.
  • Ranger Station in summer only
  • Kalaloch Area Brochure

South Beach - Southern-most beach in the Olympic National Park not far from Highway 101. Considered part of Kalaloch Beach. See Olympic National Park Beaches.

  • Open May through September (first come first served)
  • Nearby attractions: Queets Rain Forest, Quinault Rain Forest
  • Flush toilets; no potable water
  • Tents; some RV sites up to 35'

Olympic National Park Camping:

Hoh Rain Forest/Visitor Center - Just south-east of Forks, WA, in the midst of the Hoh Rainforest

Olympic National Park Camping:

Queets - South and East of Kalaloch on Upper Queets Valley Road

  • Nearest cities: Forks and Aberdeen; both 65 miles (104.6 km), approx. 1.5 hours drive
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 100 miles (161 km), an approximate 2 hour drive
  • Nearby attractions: Queets Rain Forest, Quinault Rain Forest
  • Year round
  • Primitive; no potable water
  • Tents; RVs/trailers not recommended
  • Queets Area Brochure

Graves Creek - A bit northeast of Lake Quinault

  • Nearest city: Aberdeen: 61 miles (98 km), approx. 1.75 hours drive
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 139 miles (224 km), a 3 hour 15 minute drive
  • Rain forest, near river
  • Nearby attraction: Quinault Rain Forest
  • Year round; primitive; no potable water
  • Tents; Large RV's not recommended; no dump station
  • Quinault Area Brochure

North Fork - On North Fork Quinault River, northeast of Lake Quinault

  • Nearest city: Aberdeen: 58 miles (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 138 miles (222 km), a 3 hour drive
  • Nearby Attractions: Quinault Rain Forest
  • Year round; primitive
  • No potable water, vault toilet
  • Tents; Large RV's/trailers not recommended
  • Quinault Area Brochure

Staircase - Located in the southeast corner of the Olympic National Park, west of Hoodsport, WA, along the Hood Canal.

Olympic National Park Camping:
East/Hood Canal

Dosewallips - Inland, west of Hood Canal and Brinnon, WA, along the Dosewallips River

  • Nearest city: Brinnon: 16.5 miles (25.75 km), including 5.5 miles on foot 
  • Distance from Port Angeles: 59.2 miles (95.3 km) to Brinnon, a 1 hr 10 min. drive
  • Currently walk-in only due to road wash-out 5.5 miles from campground
  • Nearby attractions: Hood Canal, Hoodsport WA, Oyster Saloon in Hamma Hamma
  • Year round; walk-in only
  • Ranger Station, summer only
  • Vault toilets; no water
  • Dosewallips Area Brochure

More ONP Camping and Reservation Info

These three National Park Service website pages will help provide current conditions and any reservation information, if needed.

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