Forks Restaurants

Forks Restaurants: A directory of favorite restaurants in Forks WA, with pictures, reviews, links to more info and local opinions.

You know that haute cuisine is likely to elude you in a town where the top-ranked restaurant (per TripAdvisor) is a coffee shack. This does not mean, however, that great food cannot be had in Forks.

Forks Restaurants

Mocha Motion

Mocha Motion Coffee Shack in Forks WAMocha Motion Coffee Shack in Forks WA

Mocha Motion
260 South Forks Avenue (Hwy 101), Forks WA 98331

Hours: 5 am – 7 pm

Mocha Motion and Shot in the Dark on Facebook

TripAdvisor Reviews of Mocha Motion in Forks WA

Yelp Reviews of Mocha Motion

Yes, it is a shack. Yes, it has two windows, one for northbound and one for southbound. Situated right next to the Pacific Motel in the middle of Forks, you’ll find it handy to stop by on your way in and your way out. And yes, the coffee is really good. I stop here every time I pass through town, if possible.

Sully's Burgers

Sully's Burgers in Forks WASully's Burgers in Forks WA

Sully's Drive In
220 South Forks Avenue, Forks WA 98331

Hours: 11 am – 9 pm, closed on Sunday

Sully's Drive In on Facebook

TripAdvisor Reviews of Sully's Drive-In in Forks WA

This is a small-town burger joint with many tasty menu options, all of them delish. Notice the pleasant little gift shop inside the restaurant while you’re there. This is another of my favorite haunts in Forks.

Pacific Pizza

Pacific Pizza Restaurant in Forks WAPacific Pizza in Forks WA

Pacific Pizza
870 South Forks Avenue, Forks WA 98331

Hours: Sun - Thurs 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am – 10pm

Pacific Pizza on Facebook

TripAdvisor Reviews of Pacific Pizza in Forks WA

This is more than just a pizza joint. You will also find many other Italian dishes. It is fairly informal: Order at counter, serve yourself drinks and salad from the salad bar, and seat yourself; they’ll bring your pizza/food order to you.

Taqueria Santa Ana

Closed and is being renovated under new ownership.

Plaza Jalisco

Plaza Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
90 North Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331

Plaza Jalisco on Facebook 

Hours: Tue - Sun; 11am-9pm; open until 10pm on Fri-Sat.

TripAdvisor Reviews of Plaza Jalisco in Forks WA

Mexican Cuisine

Other Forks Restaurants

All of these restaurants are in downtown Forks, on the main road, Forks Avenue, or very near to it. Click on the name of the restaurant to go to TripAdvisor reviews of the restaurant.

Forks Restaurants Outside of Forks Proper...
...but close enough for a Forks Address

Kalaloch's Creekside Restaurant

Creekside Restaurant in Kalaloch Lodge near Forks, WACreekside Restaurant in the Kalaloch Lodge

Kalaloch's Creekside Restaurant
157151 Highway 101, Kalaloch, Forks, WA 98331

Hours: Vary by season; see website.

Website: Creekside Restaurant at Kalaloch Lodge

TripAdvisor Reviews of Creekside Restaurant

Kalaloch is located some 30+ miles southwest of Forks, directly on the Pacific coastline of Washington State.

“Signature Pacific Northwest Dining” is their tagline. Agreed. Both the food and ambience are delightful and satisfying.

Hard Rain Cafe

Hard Rain Cafe near Forks WA and the Hoh Rain Forest... Last Chance for grub!Hard Rain Cafe near Forks WA and the Hoh Rain Forest... Last Chance for grub!

Hard Rain Cafe
5763 Upper Hoh Road, Forks, WA 98331

Hours: 9 am – 7 pm

Hard Rain Cafe Website

TripAdvisor Reviews of Hard Rain Cafe

Located at the Hoh Rainforest entrance of the Olympic National Park, the Hard Rain Cafe is pretty much the only chow in the area of the Hoh Rainforest. It also offers an RV park and a vacation rental.

So stop and eat, or get it to go and take it with you on your forays into the Hoh.

Check out the Forks Chamber of Commerce website for more information on Forks restaurants

Cities Near Forks WA

Port Angeles, WA, is approximately 53 miles (85.3 km) east of Forks, which equates to a drive of roughly 1.1 hours. But, if Port Angeles is not your starting point, then:

  • Sequim is 73 miles (117.5 km) to the east of Forks, a drive of roughly 1.5 hours
  • Port Townsend is 103 miles (165.76 km) to the east of Forks, a drive of roughly 2.2 hours
  • Aberdeen is 107 miles (172.2 km) to the west/south of Forks, a drive of a little more than 2 hours
  • Seattle (via Bainbridge ferry) is 138 miles (222 km) to the east of Forks, a commute of approximately 3.7 hours if the ferry waits are reasonable. 

    Or: Forks is 211 miles (339.6 km) distant to Seattle, a drive of approximately 4.5 hours if you skip the ferry and circumnavigate most of the Olympic Peninsula by going through Olympia on Interstate 5, then west on Hwy 8, west on Hwy 12, and then west and north on Hwy 101 along Washington's Pacific coast.

Here's Forks WA on Wiki.

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