About My Port Angeles

About My Port Angeles: The history of the My Port Angeles website and website team, and our mission of helping you plan and enjoy a fabulous Port Angeles vacation.

About My Port Angeles: Why This Website

Port Angeles is located in the northwest corner of Washington State in the United States.

My hub and I have lived in Port Angeles for years. We spend weeks every year traveling and photographing the area. The proximity of so much diverse beauty in a single geographic area is captivating.

I'm certainly not the only one who is so captivated. A huge number of travelers and tourists have gotten wind of this amazing area, and pass through Port Angeles every year.

Creating a website is a great way to publicize the desirability of a location as a vacation destination, especially when done well. And since I have lived in Port Angeles and traveled throughout the Olympic Peninsula for over 15 years, the idea appealed to my love of the area, my love of writing and photography, and my sense of capability in covering the topic in a way that would be enjoyable to you.

About My Port Angeles: Five-Pronged Mission

  • First: To be a useful resource for both Port Angelenos and visitors, providing up to date info on events, attractions, activities, restaurants, hotels, and tourism-related businesses.

  • Second: To whet one's desire to visit by providing photographic glimpses into the reaches of Port Angeles and the ever-popular areas of the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park where beauty is literally everywhere.

  • Third: To demonstrate the uniqueness of the area by presenting the rare natural features of this corner of the world, including temperate rain forest, flora, fauna, rain shadow, demographics, and beauty.
  • Fourth: To simplify your vacation planning process by providing an experienced local point of view, including suggestions, itineraries, and recommendations. Among other resources, see Beautiful Olympic Peninsula Travel Guide.
  • Fifth: To leave you with the blessings of indelible, precious memories. (Would you be interested in using the services of local professional photographers? Please let us know. Plus, we'll soon provide links to local tours conducted by tour companies right here on the Olympic Peninsula.)

Hopefully your visit to Port Angeles will check off every one of your vacation goals and wishes.

Local Business Owners:

MyPortAngeles will soon publish full-page reviews of each tourism-related business in Port Angeles. We invite your input in this process!

About MyPortAngeles: Then to Now

This website started out in 2012 with the name Beautiful Pacific Northwest. The vision of my original website was the same as described above, though the name was too broad.

Starting in July, 2019, I shifted gears and began the process of transferring all the information and photos to this new domain: MyPortAngeles.com. Nearly all the info and beautiful photos have now made their way to the My Port Angeles website, and we're in the process of creating the itinerary planning tools, some of which are already in Beautiful Olympic Peninsula Travel Guide. 

Thank you for your patience through this process!

Sometimes it Takes a Whole Team

I've been a true solopreneur for years, traveling around the Olympic Peninsula, capturing an abundance of photos, researching the info, and writing each page. It's fun stuff!

But, being a one-man-band is not always the best plan. I now have some wonderful help. Meet the whole team, below.

About My Port Angeles: The Team

Karen Patry

Hi! I'm Karen, owner, author, webmaster, and photographer of MyPortAngeles.com. I live in Port Angeles with my hub, François. Our 4 kids have flown the coop, leaving us plenty of time to travel around, overwork the camera, and explore the restaurants, attractions, and hotels both here in Port Angeles and also around the Olympic Peninsula, all the attractions you'll be likely to visit.

Karen Patry, owner, author, webmaster of MyPortAngeles.comKaren Patry

I didn't always live in Port Angeles. It was the jaw-dropping beauty throughout the Olympic Peninsula that captivated me years ago.

I first visited Port Angeles with our 4 small children in 1992. (Hub was home working.) We had three days to spend on the Olympic Peninsula, so we headed to the Hoh Rainforest and camped in the Hoh Campground. The children loved the hot dogs over the campfire and the trio of begging raccoons, but I was completely in awe of the elk, moss and ferns, the enormous trees, and the primordial, even magical rainforest. It was like nothing I had ever seen; who knew that such a place even existed?

Two of those three days were glorious - blue skies, puffy clouds, snow-capped Olympic Mountains on the horizon, and green, green forests with mossy creeks. The rain set in on day three as we packed up the gear, stopped for one last ranger’s talk, and then pulled out.

Years rolled by as vivid memories faded only slightly. In 2004, we moved permanently to Port Angeles. We now live just 2 hours from the Hoh Rainforest, 45 minutes from Hurricane Ridge, and an hour away from La Push and Rialto Beach. The spectacular Elwha Valley is about 30 minutes away. Neah Bay and Cape Flattery are only 2 hours away.

F. PatryKaren's hub, Francois.

I love writing, and I love photographing God's landscapes and wildlife. In MyPortAngeles.com, I get to do both. I hope the website will be supremely helpful to you!

François, my hub, is a Swiss national and naturalized Canadian.

He is an all-around wonderful guy who is fluent in English, French, German, Swiss German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

(If you need to contact us in any of these languages, chances are, we'll be good with it!)

Ms. Attira Downs, Administrative Assistant

Attira Downs is our gifted administrative assistant and excellent right hand woman!

She helps with all facets of website development and management. 

Attira works part time for now as she continues her studies at Peninsula College in Port Angeles.

Ruth Ouellet, Social Media Manager for MyPortAngeles.com

Mrs. Ruth Ouellet, Social Media Manager

We love what we do, and we want you to know about it!

Which is why Ruth Ouellet recently joined our team.  Ruth manages all aspects of our social media presence on Facebook and Pinterest.

We aren't stopping there, of course. Twitter, and Instagram programs are coming.

Independent Contributors to My Port Angeles

Rebecca Miller, Researcher and WriterRebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller, Research and Writing

Ms. Miller ably accepts research projects focused on specific keywords, and then writes the keyword-focused pages. Her skills are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Candi Runyon, Researcher and WriterCandi Runyon

Candi Runyon, Research and Writing

From 2015 - 2017, Candi assisted with both website writing and preparation of the Beautiful Olympic Peninsula Travel Guide manuscript. She brought poetic beauty to all the projects with which she assisted. I'm sorry to say she has taken off to involve herself in personal projects; we wish her the best, and won't mind at all if in the future she checks back in with us at My Port Angeles...!

Would YOU Like to Contribute to My Port Angeles?

In a kind of 'by-the-people-for-the-people' sort of way, My Port Angeles invites YOU to share your experiences in Port Angeles and/or the Olympic Peninsula.

At the bottom of many pages you'll find an invitation to tell your own story or experience, including the ability to share several of your own photos. 

This is because your own personal stories, experiences, or photos may be helpful to others who are interested in researching Port Angeles and the surrounding areas, especially for vacation planning.

We hope you'll feel free to contribute in this fashion to this website!  

Are you a hobby or professional photographer?

Sometimes timing is everything, especially when it comes to capturing the essence of landscape or wildlife. And perhaps it all came together for you. If you have caught a remarkable event, location, landscape, flora or fauna, then please do share!

  1. You can contribute your story and photos at the bottom of many of our website pages. We'll add links to your website and/or business Facebook page, ensuring you get full attribution for your work.

  2. Contact us for other ways we can help support local professional photographers. 

Featured Photographer

Our current featured Photographer is Roger Mosley Photography.

We LOVE his work, and we think you will too - click through to his photography website and peruse his portfolio at your leisure. 

About My Port Angeles: Our Web Host

My Port Angeles uses a web host called Solo-Build-It!, or SBI! for short. This is a turn-key service which enables the success of my website, just like My Port Angeles will give YOU tools for a successful vacation in Port Angeles.

I highly recommend SBI! to anyone who is interested in building a website. If you want to know more, see my SBI review here (link coming soon).

Thank you for stopping by MyPortAngeles.com. We appreciate you!