New Day Eatery

New Day Eatery: Healthy breakfast and lunch restaurant that caters to individuals with dietary needs, serving fresh, delicious and organic ingredients.

We love everything about New Day from their unbelievably creative and delicious food to their amazing service and lovely atmosphere of the restaurant. New Day is locally owned, uses organic ingredients, respects the environment, and happily caters to people's various dietary needs.

One thing is for sure: When dining at New Day Eatery, it is pretty hard to go wrong with most anything that you might order. 

New Day Eatery - Restaurant Details

New Day Eatery Contact Information:

Location: 102 W Front St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone: +1-360-504-2924

Notice: Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to a shortage of employees. New Day Eatery needs cooks, bakers, and servers. Go apply!
Hours: Thur-Mon 9:30 am - 4 pm: Breakfast served 9:30 - 11:30 am, lunch served noon - 4 pm. 

Trip Advisor: Tripadvisor Reviews of New Day Eatery in Port Angeles, WA

Member of the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce

New Day Eatery

Friends Enjoy Breakfast at New Day Eatery

With some friends it just goes without saying that you're going to have a fabulous time no matter anything. But, when a restaurant's attention to customer enjoyment results in tumblers of cucumber-lemon-flavored water as a matter of course, the outing is likely to become magical. 

New Day Eatery is located in a hundred-year-old building in downtown Port Angeles. The digs are humble, and this might fool you into lowering your expectations excessively. In fact, you may even wonder if it is worth stopping for a bite at all.

No one is paying me anything at all to tell you to ignore the housing. Because the food is amazing. 

Our waitress, Audrey, took good care of us. At first, this involved a lot of patience. On her part.

"May I take your order? ...Not ready? No problem...sure, a couple more minutes is fine." We had this conversation three times!

We finally ordered. The Flaming Tart Shot was mine - apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, apple juice, and cayenne pepper in a very small glass. Ridiculously delish, and great for digestion if you have guts like mine. For the meal, I deeply appreciated the choice of a 'build-your-own' omelette, and a switcheroo of fruit instead of wheat bread was completely acceptable.

My friend loves New Day. She ordered a "Twisted Twig." I'd never heard of Japanese Twig Tea. They put two teabags in steaming almond milk, added organic orange zest, sweetened the concoction with real maple syrup, and then dusted the beautiful froth with cinnamon. Her look of sheer ecstasy after each swig told the tale.

She also decided to order a vegan take on eggs with biscuits and gravy, pictured below, which she was unable to finish. Some of it went home with her in a to-go box.

What MyPortAngeles Recommends at New Day Eatery

One happy customer at New Day Eatery in Port Angeles WA!"Take my money!" Here's one happy customer at New Day Eatery.

We both LOVED our respective breakfasts. Here are a couple lunch recommendations:  

  • "The New Day Pizza" - Ingredients: Balsamic Sauce, Pancetta (Cured Pork), Caramelized Onions, Figs, Gorgonzola, and Pistachios. Topped with Fresh Arugula.
  • "The Brisket Apple Bacon Salad" - Ingredients: Romaine, Spinach, House-Smoked Brisket, Apple, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Candied Nuts, and Bacon. Served with House-Made Blue Cheese Dressing.

  • Literally any of the specialty salads. My fave is "The Quinoa Chicken Salad."

Attira's Review of New Day Eatery

I always enjoy New day Eatery when I dine there with my mom and with my mentor sometimes as well. 

I have had the regular biscuits and gravy which was very yummy and the incredible Fiesta Hash which is my personal favorite meal out of all that I have eaten there. 

I have also had a few of their specialty drinks, such as the Lemon Lavender Kombucha which was very good and the the Black Rose Latte which I loved. 

One of these days I'm hoping that I when I go, I'll be in the mood to try something different, like their chocolate waffle or one of their veggie burgers, and another variety of their tea lattes. 

What Customers Think of New Day Eatery

Out of a little over 300 reviews on Tripadvisor, 190 reviews rated New Day Eatery as excellent and 75 rated New Day Eatery as very good.

  • In October, 2019, One customer said that the service was awesome and that they recommend the "New day Brisket with Dipping Sauce," saying that it was spectacular, and also recommending the mix of sweet potato and regular chips.

  • In August, 2019, One couple from Texas said that their experience was amazing. They highly recommended what they ate - pulled pork hash with a side of pancakes (with excellent lemon-flavored butter), and a Mediterranean omelet. 

  • In June, 2019, One customer from Alaska said that eating at New day Eatery was a highlight in the midst of their stressful travel situation. They commented on how healthy the restaurants food and drinks were and they also noted how much they enjoyed her black bean burger even though she is not vegetarian. 

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Washington State Covid-19 Status

As of July, 2021, Washington State is now generally open. However, current state mandates require masking for all indoor activity outside of ones own home. Additionally, there is a state mandate requiring restaurant patrons to provide proof of vaccination for indoor dining. Due to logistical difficulties, some restaurants are still open only for takeout/drive thru. HIPAA guidelines about privacy for medical information regarding indoor dining does not permit enforcement of covid mandates. 

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