Little Devil's Lunchbox

Little Devil's Lunchbox: Our review of this Tex-Mex-themed luncheon restaurant, with links to menu, additional reviews, photos, and history. You'll love it!

Little Devil's Lunchbox

Little Devil's Lunchbox
315 East 1st Street, Port Angeles, Washington 98362
Phone: +1-360-504-2959

Hours: 9 - 5 pm Mon - Sat
Winter Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 am - 6 pm; Sat: 11 am - 5 pm



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About Little Devil's Lunchbox

  • Doors opened in 2012 by owners Jon and Ashley 
  • Their concept: Offer delicious yet affordable smoked cuisine
  • This Port Angeles restaurant fuses southern Tex Mex with typical Pacific Northwest flavors for a "unique lunch experience."
  • As proof that they are achieving their mission, they have won Clallam County's Best Lunch Special SIX times.

Attira's Review of Little Devil's Lunchbox

Little Devil’s Lunchbox is my personal favorite restaurant on the entire Olympic Peninsula, probably in the state of Washington. I have been there anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen times and I have only been disappointed once (when I did not order the special, although it was still good just not, you know, SPECIAL).

Their special burrito of the day has exceeded all of my expectations every single time and has been different every time as well. The Little Devil’s Lunchbox staff are very friendly and the service is exceptionally fast, although I would note that between 11 am and 1 pm is their busiest time so there may be a bit of a wait during that time period but the food is definitely worth it if you have the time. 

Attira's Recommendation

I recommend getting the Daily Special Burrito with the pineapple salsa to go with your chips. (In my opinion, this has the most flavor compared to the other salsa choices.) I don't think you will be disappointed by making this choice for your meal!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is also quite something! Little Devil's Lunchbox has a hard rock and metal theme to it, with posters featuring some both widely known and less known bands of the rock and metal scene.

However the dark theme of some of the posters doesn’t take away from the restaurant's traditional sunny and bright Southwestern persona that shines through the decor of the restaurant.

This restaurant is really unlike anything you have ever seen before and you will definitely remember it after you leave.

TIP: Little Devil’s Lunchbox posts their special burrito of the day and its ingredients on Facebook every day so if you want to know what the special is before you make your choice on a place to eat, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

There are also a variety of hot sauces on the different tables that allow you to spice up whatever you choose to dine on. 

Dietary Options at Little Devil's Lunchbox

A note about the Special: If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, this probably isn’t the meal for you, however there are some vegan friendly choices to choose from including roasted vegetable tacos (you can ask for them to be made vegan or vegetarian I am sure).

You can also get the Little Devil's Taco Salad where meat is optional. 

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