Kalaloch Lodge

Kalaloch Lodge. Photos and info about the Lodge at Kalaloch Beach in the Olympic National Park, Creekside Restaurant within the Lodge, and the various lodging options.

Rugged and rustic, with blue trim reflecting the sea and the sky, the Lodge sits on the sliver of land that is the western edge of the Olympic National Park. Facing the sea and all its wildness, Kalaloch is an ideal, even romantic, place to cozy up with a Pendleton blanket and relax by a window to watch a perfect, or a storm-battered, sunset.

Kalaloch Lodge
157151 Highway 101, Forks, WA 98331
+1 (360) 962-2271, +1 (866) 662-9928


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Kalaloch Lodge in Olympic National Park

Port Angeles is 91 miles (146.5 km) to the northeast of Kalaloch Lodge, which will take a little less than 2 hours to drive. But, if Port Angeles is not your starting point, then...

  • Sequim is 107 miles (172.2 km) to the east, about a 2.2 hour drive
  • Forks is 34.3 miles (55.2 km) to the north, about a 41 minute drive by car
  • Aberdeen is 73 miles (117.5 km) to the south, about a 1.4 hour drive
  • Seattle via : 177 miles (285 km) to the southeast, about a 3 hour 5 minute drive (no ferry)

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Kalaloch Lodge Amenities

For the record, Kalaloch is pronounced "KLAY-lock."

The word kalaloch means "good place to land" in the native language of the Quinault First Nations people.

So it should only follow that Kalaloch Lodge also makes a great home-base for exploring the many beaches in the area. From Kalaloch it is just a short drive into the Olympic Mountains in order to explore the temperate rainforests, hike, mountain bike, camp, fish, and much more.

With a variety of lodging options available this is the perfect get-away, ideal for unplugging and soaking in pure, exquisite nature. The greens and blues of tree, sky, and sea, sometimes interrupted by a dose of storm-watching grays, will keep your stay refreshing.

A total of 66 rooms and cabins make up this remote resort. Most feature a coffee maker, MP3 player/alarm clock, hair dryers and walking sticks for hiking or beach-combing and Pendleton blankets for wrapping up and relaxing. Additionally, the Lodge is completely telephone, wi-fi/internet and television free, with the exception of the two suites located in the main lodge. All the better for de-fragging the mind and re-setting the spirit.

Rooms and Rates

Kalaloch Lodge, the main lodge, sits facing the wild Pacific Ocean looking past scattered driftwood and the mouth of the winding Kalaloch Creek. Its hotel-style rooms with private baths, and two suites, is just steps away from the Creekside Restaurant and the gift/grocery shop.

The Bluff Cabins line the bluff's edge overlooking beach and water. They offer studio, one and two bedroom options, some with fireplaces or wood stoves. Most have kitchens or kitchenettes.

Additional cabins, the Kalaloch Cabins, are situated behind the Bluff Cabins and offer the same amenities but with only peek-a-boo water views.

Seacrest House, a separate building tucked in amongst the trees but within walking distance to the main lodge, Creekside Restaurant and beach, offers 4 suites and 6 hotel style rooms with private patios or balconies and sea views from the upper level rooms. Amenities include coffee maker, mini fridge, and MP3 player with alarm clock.

Kalaloch Group Campsite is located about a quarter mile south and can accommodate up to 30 people in tents and mini-RVs.

Rates Seasonal rates ranging between $120 - $360 per night. See the Kalaloch website for rates and special discounts, deals and seasonal packages.

Pets are allowed in the cabins only. All lodge rooms and cabins are non-smoking.

Dining at Kalaloch Lodge:

Creekside Restaurant

Creekside Restaurant is located within the main lodge.

The dining is well nigh gourmet, in our experience. You can order breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And, since eating establishments are almighty scarce for 20 miles in any direction (there just aren't any!), we recommend you take advantage of their offer to pack you a brown-bag-lunch. They'll have it ready for you in the morning, and you can be on your way to your next glorious adventures with food and water in hand.

More info at Olympic National Park Restaurants.

Brief History of Kalaloch Lodge

In 1925, the original 40-acre plot of land, remote, wild, hard to get to, was purchased by Charles W. Becker. Mr. Becker cleverly and resourcefully built the main lodge and cabins with lumber that washed up on shore. At the time the place was named Becker's Inn and Resort Cabins.

When the Olympic Loop Highway was completed in 1931, making travel easier and quicker to his remote Inn, Mr. Becker expanded his resort to accommodate more guests. During World War II, the facilities served as a Coast Guard encampment. After the war, Becker re-branded the property as Becker's Ocean Resort and began receiving guests once again.

The property and resort were annexed into the Olympic National Park in 1953. In 1978 the National park Service purchased the property and renamed it Kalaloch Lodge. It is now operated by Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts.

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