Butchart Garden
Sunken Garden Photo Tour

Butchart Garden Sunken Garden Photos - see the four-season transformation of the beautiful Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC, including the Christmas Lights in December.

If you're one to follow directions when handed a map of Butchart Gardens at the gate (recommended!), then the first garden you will encounter is the Sunken Garden.

In the barren ugly pit of a spent limestone quarry the Butcharts spread many tons of top soil, transported there from the surrounding countryside by horse and cart. Over the following years they transformed the ugly pit into an amazing scene of beauty.

Sunken Garden Photos
in Springtime

Said one visitor on TripAdvisor:

"These gardens are exquisite. I've never seen anything quite like it."

Of course, in gardening both the work and the opportunities are endless. Many of the plantings are permanent, of course. Maple trees, evergreen trees, shrubs, and bushes have been purposefully planted.

But in addition, you'll find extensive planters filled with seasonal blooms and ground covers. No matter the season in which you visit, the Sunken Garden is filled with color and may leave you speechless in admiration.

If you can visit during the month of April, you'll get the treat of your life - hundreds and thousands of tulips blooming at once throughout Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Garden 
Sunken Garden Photos in Summer 

Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in August.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in August.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in August.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in August.
Two weeping willows on the bank of a pond in the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in August.

Butchart Garden
Sunken Garden Photos in Autumn 

I was still sipping my coffee (and just about inhaled it) when I first caught a glimpse of the Sunken Garden in all its fall color. According to one visitor, this is "one of the most spectacular landscapes I've ever seen."

I have to agree. I knew what to expect, but still, all the glorious color has the power to simply take one's breath away...if you're susceptible to such symptoms.

Butchart Gardens has perfected the use of plants as living art. 
From every angle is a new
view of exquisite and colorful beauty.

Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in October.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in October.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in October.
Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in October.
Autumn view of a color-ringed pond in the Sunken Garden

Butchart Garden
Sunken Garden Photos in Winter

The Sunken Garden is quiet and peaceful in mid-winter. Trees are bare, leaves have dropped, blooms are gone. Trees and bushes may already be mulched, trimmed, and pruned to their pre-spring shapes.

In mid-December when I visited, the army of gardeners was just concluding the enormous task of replanting the seasonal planters. The plants were in, but not yet blooming. And hiding between the dots of green plants are thousands upon thousands of dormant tulip bulbs, which will not show their faces until late March and April.

Another view of the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens) in December

The "Fifth Season"
Butchart Gardens Christmas Light Display

The Butchart Garden Sunken Garden is draped in thousands of lights throughout the month of December and a few days into January. Additionally, displays featuring each of the 12 Days of Christmas will be found throughout Butchart Gardens, if you know to look for them. For example, the 4 talking birds are pictured above, as well as the "5 golden rings" in one of the Sunken Garden ponds.

During the daytime the wires and lights for the Christmas light display were barely visible but unobtrusive and unlit until dusk. But after sunset...wow!

Christmas lights on a bare maple tree in the Sunken Garden (Butchart Gardens)

In December, nearly all of Butchart Gardens, except for the Japanese Garden, is covered in lights. See more Christmas Light photos at Butchart Garden Victoria Grounds.

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A few historical details about Butchart Gardens via Wiki

From the Butchart Gardens website:
Details about the various gardens and gardening activities at Butchart Gardens throughout the year.

Cities near Butchart Gardens

Port Angeles is only 37.2 miles (59.9 km) south of Butchart Gardens, however requires a 90-minute Coho Ferry ride. Total transit time is likely to be approximately 2.5 hours. It's so worth it! 

But, if Port Angeles is not your starting point, then:

  • Victoria BC: 19.7 km (12.25 miles), approximately 26 minutes by car
  • Sidney BC: 15.6 km (9.7 miles), approximately 19 minutes by car
  • Vancouver BC: 103 km (64 miles), approximately 3.2 hours by ferry and car
  • Seattle: 120 miles (193 km), approximately 5 hours when traveling through Port Angeles and taking the Coho Ferry.

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