Westport WA Fishing Charters

So many Westport WA fishing charters and guided options! Secure a half-day or full day on a charter vessel for various reasons:

  • Guided bottom fishing from Westport WA is one possibility
  • Ocean sportfishing charters are available from Westport WA
  • Deep sea charters from Westport WA: Fish for tuna, salmon, halibut, and many more

Explore all your options using the following list of Westport WA fishing charter companies and vessels:

Westport WA Fishing Charters

Advantage Charters

Advantage Charters Info 

Location: Float 12 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595
Phone: +1 (360) 648-2277
Email: fishbiz1 @ comcast . net
Website: https://www.advantagecharters.com/
Hours: Daily: 5:30 am - 9 pm
Covid-19: Open
Facebook: Facebook page for Advantage Charters

Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Advantage Charters in Westport, WA
Yelp: Yelp  reviews for Advantage Charters in Westport, WA

  • Highly Rated charter fishing.

Gold Rush Charters

Gold Rush Charters Info 

Location: Float, 8 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595
Phone: +1-360-591-9044
Email: info @ goldrushcharters . com
Website: https://goldrushcharters.com/
Hours: Daily: 8am-6pm
Covid-19: Open
Facebook: Facebook page for Gold Rush Charters

Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Gold Rush Charters in Westport, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Gold Rush Charters in Westport, WA

  • Highly Rated charter fishing.

Deep Sea Charters Inc.

Deep Sea Charters Inc. Info

Location: 2319 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595.
Phone: +1-360-268-9300.
Email: info@deepseacharters.biz
Website: https://deepseacharters.net/index.htm
Hours: Daily: 10am-6pm (or 7pm)
Covid-19: Open
Facebook: Facebook page for Deep Sea Charters Inc.

Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Deep Sea Charters Inc. in Westport, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Deep Sea Charters Inc. in Westport, WA

Deep Sea Charters manages seven associated fishing vessels:

  • Sudsy: Skippered by Rich Graham with a 30 foot length. See Sudsy webpage

Westport Charters

Westport Charters Info

Location: 2411 West, Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595.
Phone: +1-360-268-0900.
Email: Fishon@WestportCharters.com
Website: https://westportcharters.com/
Hours: Daily: 5:30am-5pm
Covid-19: Open
Facebook: Facebook page for Westport Charters

Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor reviews for Westport Charters in Westport, WA
Yelp: Yelp reviews for Westport Charters in Westport, WA

Google Rating: 4.6/5 stars
Facebook rating: 4.9/5 stars. 
Tripadvisor rating: 70/75 reviews rate Westport Charters as Excellent or Very Good. 
Yelp rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Westport Charters Vessels:

Lots more info about Westport Charters at their websites and Facebook pages (listed above).

Research Your Fishing Excursion

Marine Forecast for Westport WA: 

NOAA Marine Forecast Westport WA supplied by USHarbors.com:

Tide Tables Westport WA:

Tuna Fishing Reports Westport WA 

Westport WA Fishing Report:

Bait Shops and Fishing Tackle in Westport WA

Englund Marine Supply
Address: 101 W N Wilson Ave, Westport, WA 98595
Phone: +1 (360) 268-9311
Website: https://www.englundmarine.com/pages/home-page.html
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am–5pm, Sat 8am–3pm, Sun Closed

Hungry Whale Grocery, Deli & Gas, at Montesano & Wilson
Address: 1680 N Montesano St, Westport, WA 98595
Phone: +1 (360) 268-0136
Hours: Mon-Thur 5:30am–10pm, Fri 5:30am–11pm, Sat 4am–11pm, Sun 6am–11pm

Westport Seafood Inc.
Address: 609 Neddie Rose Dr, Westport, WA 98595
Phone: +1 (360) 268 - 0133
Hours: Mon-Tues 10am–4pm, Wed-Sat 10 am–5pm, Sun 10:30am–4pm, 

kwd 2020jul: 535 121 4421

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