Victoria BC Weather

Victoria BC Weather: Current and 36-hour weather forecast for Victoria BC Canada from Accuweather, plus weather, temperature and rainfall averages, and more.

The city of Victoria Canada is within reach of the Olympic rain shadow. This means Victoria BC reaps many of the same rain shadow effects, and therefore experiences relatively little rainfall as compared to the rest of the Pacific Northwest. 

Current and 36 Hour Victoria Canada Weather Forecast

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Victoria BC Weather Info and Stats

Victoria BC Average Yearly Rainfall: 24.2 inches (61.47 cm).

Victoria's Average Yearly Snowfall: 15.6 inches (396 mm) over an average of 7.9 snowfall days. The majority of snowfall occurs in December, January and February.

Victoria Average Yearly Rainfall per Season

Early morning sun rays in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria Canada.Early morning in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria Canada.
  • Winter: 11.5 Inches (291 mm)
  • Spring: 4.6" (115.6 mm)
  • Summer: 2.8" (72.8 mm)
  • Fall: 14.4" (366.1 mm)

Average Monthly Rainfall in Victoria BC

  • January: 5.2 inches (132.8 mm)
  • February: 3.3" (83 mm)
  • March: 3" (75.2 mm)
  • April: 1.9" (47.5 mm)
  • May: 1.5" (37.5 mm)
  • June: 1.2" (30.6 mm)
  • July: 0.7" (17.9 mm)
  • August: 0.9" (23.8 mm)
  • September: 1.2" (31.1 mm)
  • October: 3.5" (88 mm)
  • November: 5.8" (148.4 mm)
  • December: 5.1" (129.7 mm)

Landscapes of Butchart Gardens make the most of long summer sunshine hours!The Butchart Gardens landscapes make the most of long summer sunshine hours!

Average Sunshine Hours

Victoria BC is a great place to visit in late June, July, August, and early September. These are the months with the most daylight per day, on average. Here is the monthly breakdown of number of sunny hours per day, expressed as a percentage of total daylight hours: 

  • January: 25.8 % of daylight hours are sunny
  • February: 33.3%
  • March: 39%
  • April: 46.7% (April showers...May flowers...)
  • May: 51%
  • June: 52.5% (longest days)
  • July: 66%
  • August: 67% (shortening days are still very sunny)
  • September: 60%
  • October: 41% (winter weather seriously moves in)
  • November: 26%
  • December: 22.6%

Click here to see the above in graph form

Victoria BC Weather: Average Temperatures

Summer Highs: The high point of the year's temperatures in Victoria usually peak in August. Nevertheless, the average summer temperature in August is just 61 F (16.11C).

But in all actuality, July and August temperature highs tend to fluctuate between 67 F and 76 F (19 C - 24.4 C). Yes, it is still smart to bring a good sweater or light jacket even if you're visiting Victoria in July and August.

Winter Highs and Lows: December and January average high temperatures range very close to 45 F (7.22 C). December and January are also the months with the coldest average low temperature, near 34 F (1.11 C). The RECORD coldest temperature recorded in Victoria BC was 4 F (-15.6 C) in December of 1968.

Victoria BC Weather Disclaimer

I'd like to believe that our meteorologists can come to a reliable forecast at least a few minutes before I have to check the "weather rock" in my front yard. (You know - if the rock is wet, it's raining, if it's rolling it's windy, if it's white it's snowing....)

But, what I discovered after researching Victoria BC weather is that there are multiple weather services, and their statistics rarely match, not even in their past records!

So, if you notice that our statistics aren't exactly the same as someone else's statistics, I won't be surprised. A whole lot depends upon where those stats have come from. Nevertheless, I hope that your set and my set of stats are at least close...!

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