C'est Si Bon

C'est Si Bon: An elegant oasis of French culture and cuisine in the Port Angeles area. Dine here for an authentic and unique taste of France.

C'est Si Bon is the only French restaurant on the Olympic Peninsula and is the only starred French restaurant in Washington state, outside of Seattle. 

C'est Si Bon Restaurant

C’est Si Bon Restaurant Info 

Website: https://cestsibon-frenchcuisine.com/
Location: 23 Cedar Park Dr Port Angeles WA 98362
Phone: 1-360-452-8888|
Menu: https://cestsibon-frenchcuisine.com/menu/
Hours: Mon&Tues: Closed, Wed-Sun: 5pm-9:30pm
Email: cestsibonfrenchcuisine@gmail.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cest-Si-Bon-French-Cuisine-111531115551582/
Trip Advisor: Tripadvisor Reviews-C_est_Si_Bon-Port_Angeles_Clallam_County_Washington.html
Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/cest-si-bon-port-angeles

C'est Si Bon

About C'est Si Bon

French Owners Norbert and Michéle Juhasz, opened the doors of C'est si Bon at the beginning of January, 1981. The restaurant has now enjoyed nearly 40 years of immense success.

Norbert, Michéle, and staff work very hard to serve authentic French dishes, as well as provide warm hospitality in an "elegant old world setting." 

Michéle is at the heart of the kitchen. She has been creating delicious French cuisine true to her culture and upbringing in France. Instead of haute cuisine, she describes her cooking as nouveau French, that is, simple, fresh, real. 

"French food is usually cooked very simply and never overcooked,” states Michéle. “You want food and spices to tease the palate. You want a bouquet in your mouth... Sometimes we have a sauce to enhance a dish — not to cover it like gravy, but to bring out the full flavor.”

And Michéle Juvasz should know. Before arriving in Port Angeles, she enjoyed a substantial culinary career as a private chef for various Hollywood stars. During those years she perfected a variety of her own culinary creations and the techniques that cause a meal to sparkle on the palate. 

C'est si Bon's guests are very well cared for. Michéle's husband Norbert is the consummate host. He is the classic Frenchman who loves nothing more than chatting with the guests, ensuring their enjoyment of the delicious French cuisine, and being at the center of it all.

And music. Norbert worked in Hollywood for years, playing the violin as a studio musician. His talent as a showman is evident as he makes his rounds among the customers, engaging in gracious conversation with each table and ensuring that everyone is well-cared-for.

Wine to Complement your Meal

Are you unsure about which wine to order with your meal? Norbert will help you, because every Frenchman knows that certain wines complement certain foods better than other foods. Get it wrong, and you'll punish the wine, not the food, according to Norbert. “Foods will interfere with the taste of the wine. You don’t want to interfere, you want them to get along, to live in harmony!”

French wines are listed on the menu, but Norbert knows exactly which California and Washington wines are less expensive but comparable if not even more pleasing than the French varietals. Norbert’s personal favorite is actually vinted in Napa Valley, California. That said, he is constantly sampling new wines to see how they hold up to such foods as roast duck or rabbit in tarragon sauce, to determine whether or not to add them to the wine list.

Karen's Experience at C'est si Bon

Pampered is the word that immediately comes to mind. 

What's not to like about relaxing in an elegant setting and being waited on attentively? What's not to like about experiencing a unique appetizer like butter and garlic escargots (surprisingly delicious), and savoring a blend of flavors in sauces that cause your taste buds to rejoice?

I am not personally a connoisseur of French cuisine, per se. My own culinary skills are a notch above boiled eggs and peanut butter sandwiches. But after several trips to Switzerland with my husband, I DO know authenticity when I taste it. Michéle's culinary skills are definitely right up there with the best French chefs. Okay, it tastes that way to me.

I absolutely recommend a visit. It'll be pricy, but worth it. Because, there's something about the food that draws folks back again and again despite the damage to the wallet.

What Customers Think About C'est Si Bon

On Trip Advsior, 85 out of 127 customers rate C'est Si Bon as excellent, and 12 rate the restaurant as very good. On Facebook, 115 customers recommend this restaurant. 

  • One customer noticed both the elegance of the decor of the restaurant and delicacy of the food. Said the customer, "It makes C'est Si Bon a truly special restaurant on the Olympic Peninsula."
  • Another customer was nervous about trying French cuisine for the first time, but she loved the food, the service was amazing, and the owners were incredibly nice.

  • Quite a few reviewers on both Facebook and Trip Advisor noted that they have been coming to C'est Si Bon for years and years, even though they do not live very close to the area. In other words they come out of their way because they love the food and atmosphere so much. 

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